Date: 5/18/2015
The global financial markets overview shows that in Asia, the indexes were mixed after the whole week trading, at the last day of closing, trading was as: among the Hang Seng keeping had the greatest difference, it was down by 0.83%. As see towards European markets, situation was also mixed, among the DAX leading news; it was up by 0.56%. According to the latest economic news about Brazil, the situation was not highly different, Bovespa Brazil achieving the biggest gains; these were up by 0.50%.

International Stock Markets & Exchanges
In this week, the condition of global market remained mixed with gaining and loss among different big groups and economic giants of the world. The given reports are according to the day to day updates during the week from America, United States, Europe, Asia and Middle East. United States Dow Jones Industrial Average remained on top by 18,278.93 points. Dow Jones Transportation remained on second by 8,678.14 points. Dow Jones Utilities Average was remained by 583.8. NASDAQ Composite Index was by 5,052.59. New York Stock Exchange Composite Index was by 11,199.03. Lastly, S&P 500 Index remained by 2,121.39 points.

The Americas Stock Markets & Exchanges
In the American Market, S&P/TSX Composite Index stood on top by 15,108.12 points as well as Mexican Stock Exchange Mexican Bolsa IPC Index remained on second by 45,262.70. Next, Ibovespa Brasil Sao Paulo Stock Exchange Index remained at last by 57,054.17 points.

Europe Stock Markets & Exchanges BEL was on top by 3,661.88 points. CAC 40 Index closed by 4,986.90 points. IBEX 35 Index was remained by 11, 283.80. Next, AEX-Index was closed by 487.77 points. The situation in Euroope also remained medium with some ups and downs. Some groups changed their place due to losses and gains.

Asia Stock Markets & Exchanges Hong Kong Hang Seng Index remained at top by 27,591.25 points. Next was Nikkei 225 by 19,890.27 points. Karachi Stock Exchange KSE100 Index was closed by 32,886.06 points. Then S&P/ASX 200 stood by 5,659.17 points. Shanghai Shenzhen CSI 300 Index, Korea Stock Exchange KOSPI Index, National Stock Exchange CNX Nifty Index and Straits Times Index STI remained by 4,575.14, 2,113.72, 8,373.65 and 3,459.57 respectively. Good changes in S&P were seen from last week. Overall condition of Asian market was good.

Middle East/Africa Stock Markets & Exchanges
In Middle East and African markets, Nairobi Securities Exchange Ltd 20 Index was on top by 4,932.32 points. Tel Aviv 100 Index closed by 1,458.32 points. CASE 30 Egypt was remained by 8,260.92 points. The system also remained disturb due to KSA and Yemen war in which Iran is involved.

This was a short summary of world market. The overall situation was remained medium and Middle East and African market was disturbed due to war. The article gives a good overviews of the market.

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